Payday Loans in Canada Resources

Payday Loan Alternatives

Payday Loans and Cash advances can represent a cost method of temporarily method of preventing more costly issues such as bouncing cheques and missing rent.

Credit Union Loans

Credit Unions often over lower cost short term loans at rates far closer to the Prime rate. They also offer Credit Councelling at no charge. Generally speaking it is advisable to use a Credit Union over a standard bank.

Workplace Advances

Many employers will provide you a Paycheck advance, this may provide the necessary time for you to avoid a payday loan.

Credit Card Cash Advances

Credit Card rates for Cash Advances are costly, but ofter cheaper then rolled over payday loans. These rates can be approximately 25-35% APR.

Payment Plan negotiation with Creditors

Contact your creditors about negotiating a payment plan. They do not want you to file bankruptcy or take other measures that prevent you from paying them back. They will often negotiate a time based payment plan.