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The short-term lending industry in Canada also includes an odd-named company titled ZippyCash which also promises quick funding of loans via the Internet to eligible Canadian borrowers. Loans are processed and funded in the same day as requested, as long as the borrower resides in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. The application process is handled online, and funds are transferred electronically to a bank account.

Loans are charged a rate of $21 per every $100 borrowed, with the loan due within 31 days. If not paid on time, the cycle repeats along with extension fees in addition to the existing rate.

ZippyCash represents another company that got itself in trouble across the border. In this case, the company ran afoul of the state of Washington’s Department of Financial Institutions. The company lent more than $700 per person in 400 plus loans, which is a violation of state laws absent appropriate licensing. The company ended up having to shell out $1.2 million in penalty fines to Washington state.

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