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BC Payday Loans

British Columbia enacted Payday Loan legislation on April 18th 2007. These laws are meant to limit payday loans fees and cash advance interest charged by lenders.

This legistation includes:

  • Prohibit increasing borrower's debt load, including fees tied to rollovers
  • Prohibit signing of documents transferring ownership of assets by borrowers
  • Charging above the regulated fee for cashing cheques from the government
  • Payday lenders will require a license

BC Payday Loan Cities

  • Vancouver Payday Loans
  • Victoria Payday Loans
  • Kamloops Payday Loans
  • Burnaby Payday Loans
  • Kelowna Payday Loans
  • Abbottsford Payday Loans
  • Prince George Payday Loans